Machinery Diagnostics and Analysis

This course will provide participants with the necessary knowledge to work within a mechanical maintenance team and provide a positive influence in a mechanical and technological environment.

A mechanical technician must be able to identify the different problems associated with rotating machinery, as well as the most efficient way to analyze these problems with the machinery.  Understanding the different operation and maintenance needs of the machinery will provide technicians with the knowledge needed to continually advance their training. 

In general, machinery related to production within the oil and petroleum industry has specific mechanical characteristics that allow numerous diagnostics and analysis procedures to be utilized in order to provide a safe and efficient operation.  Participants will learn about the technology related to machinery diagnostics and analysis, as well as preventive maintenance techniques.  Having this knowledge will help each technician develop confidence and professional enthusiasm, therefore, increasing their efficiency.

Vibration Analysis and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

  • Imbalance
  • Misalignment
  • Dye-penetrant
  • Magnetic flux and X-ray

On this day, participants will learn about machinery vibration analysis.  This will include discussions over imbalance and misalignment.  Non-destructive testing will be covered as well.  Participants will learn about dye-penetrant, magnetic flux, and x-ray (radiology) as non-destructive testing options.

Thermography and Fluid Analysis

  • Thermography methods and equipment
  • Spectromic analysis
  • Conditioning analysis
  • Preventative and predictive maintenance

During the last day, attendees will learn about thermography methods and equipment.  Fluid analysis types, such as spectromic and conditioning, will be discussed.  The day will end with discussion related to preventative and predictive maintenance procedures for machinery in the petroleum industry.


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