Digital OilField (DOF) Fundamentals for Oil & Gas Professionals

 This course is intended for everyone who desire to get a broader understanding of Digital Oilfield (DOF, or equivalent terms), its definition, elements, and its many applications particularly in the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry.

The course provides a high-level comprehensive history of the application of digital technologies in the Upstream E&P world, from the single-task technology (i.e. for data acquisition and/or monitoring) to the workflow automation and then to the very complex integrated operations. It also gives some insights on the technologies/tools being used in modern DOF projects. Arguably, the understanding of Digital OilField concepts and implementations significantly varies from place to place, from company to company due to the nature of their technicality and pragmatism. Hence the course presents a more in-depth coverage of the most common DOF elements, as well as the DOF implementation how-to experiences learned from the various DOF projects around the world.

The participants are expected to complete the training class with a better understanding of the Digital OilField concepts and how DOF will continue to have a massive impact in the E&P world for years to come.

  • DOF – General Overview

Introduction to Digital OilField (DOF)

  • (Conceptual) Definition of DOF
  • Elements of DOF
  • Drivers, History, and Evolution
  • An Early Industry Example of DOF Application
  • Current Adoption Status/Development

Tools/Technologies for Digital OilField

  • Hardware/Software
  • Infrastructure/Communication, Data
  • Disruptive Technologies – how they impacted the E&P industry and how we have used them

Processes and People


  • Digital Strategies/Designing solutions
  • Phased pilot approach: phased development, pilot sides, iterative roll-out plan


  • DOF Implementation – A Comprehensive Coverage

Digital OilField Implementation
Defining the DOF Integration Platform

  • Data Measurement
  • Data Transmission
  • Surveillance and Monitoring
  • Modeling and Analysis
  • Optimization


  • Baseline assessment
  • Project readiness

Field Development Planning Basics

  • Subsurface study
  • Conceptual design
  • Detailed design
  • Execution

Value Realization & Sustainment

  • Data acquisition and Information Management
  • (People) Capability development

Collaborative Work Environment (CWE)

  • Other Aspects of DOF – The Road to Success

Data Science in the Upstream E&P Industry

Security Aspects of Digital OilField

Operational Excellence (OEx)

Reliability Engineering

Measurement of Success/Performance Review

  • KPI reviews
  • Compare results vs. baseline
  • Challenges and Opportunities

Software Tools

  • Standalone Software
  • Integration Software
    • Schlumberger – Integrated Asset Modeler
    • Petroleum Expert – IPM/Resolve, The DOF Suite/IVM/IFM
    • Others



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