The global oil and gas industry is undergoing drastic changes due to competition from international pricing, changing industry dynamics, depletion of infrastructure assets and the need to stop the operation of equipment in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. In addition, there is also a depleted labor force in the industry, known as the training course involved in the fundamentals of the oil and gas industry career.


This course is based on exercises as well as regional and international case studies and group exercises.


Objectives of the session:

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Structuring the life cycle of the oil and gas industry and understanding how industry works from upstream downstream

Identify how to form, find, recover, extract, process, transfer and sell oil

Description of terms and functions including installation, production facilities and / or land and sea operations and support requirements

Explain the oil and gas operations and related challenges as well as the various control systems and equipment control

A study of why industry is classified as a high-risk industry

Target groups

Anyone who wants to have an overview or understand the basics of oil and gas operations. This includes without limitation anyone new to the oil and gas industry, contractors working in the industry or any non-technical person working in the industry seeking to gain a better understanding of the processes.


Target competencies

Principles of oil production

Land / maritime operations

Oil and gas operations

Oil and gas safety