We offer the following programs:

  • Architectural Design & Construction Technology  
    Learn the most up-to-date methods of producing architectural drawings, focusing on a variety of computer assisted drafting (CAD) software applications.
  • Building Construction Technology  
    Learn practical skills in estimating, construction planning, project and field supervision, and facilities management, or explore new curriculum in sustainable building design.
  • Civil Engineering Technology  
    Civil Engineering leads to a career in urban infrastructure, including roadway design, land planning utility enhancements, and other areas.
  • Computer Information Technology
    Prepare to obtain industry certifications in Microsoft (MCSA), (MCSE), Cisco (CCNA), or CompTia (A+, N+). Analyze business situations and design, develop and write computer programs. Obtain the latest skills leading to Webmaster certifications.
  • Computer Information Technology Management
    Prepare for a well-paying future in information technology with expertise in cyber security, one of the nation's most rapidly growing fields impacting business, government and the military. Gain advanced skills in building, operating and managing computer networks. Courses include Database Design and Administration, Network Technologies for Information professionals, Network Security and Cryptography, Computer Forensics, Web Application Development, as well as courses in business management.
    • Cyber Security Institute  
      You will gain advanced skills in building, operating, and maintaining computer networks and ensuring the safety and security of the data moving through these networks. You will be prepared to troubleshoot problems and manage the technology, data, and people associated with large and small IT operations and departments.
  • Digital Media Technology  
    Immerse yourself in a fascinating career where you express your creativity through the latest technologies in computer graphics, multimedia design, commercial art, animation and video productions. 
  • Applied Science Degree in Digital Media 
    Express your creativity and gain the competitive advantage in the multi-faceted graphic, web/social media design, and visual communication industry. You’ll be ready to add your talents to this rapidly growing field with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Digital Media from IRSC.
  • Drafting and Design Technology 
    Prepare for a career producing CAD drawings for surveying, architectural, civil, and mechanical engineering firms, as well as county and city offices and manufacturing plants.
  • Electronics Engineering Technology  
    Trainees in the Electronics Engineering Technology program learn to build, install, maintain, and repair electronic equipment, and can choose among specialties in general electronics, computers, or communications.
    • Robotics and Photonics Program  
      Changing at the speed of light, the field of photonics affects almost every industry with applications in laser eye surgery, "smart" missiles, fiber optic cable for high speed Internet access, and CD and DVD recording.
    • Solar Energy Program  
      Solar thermal systems represent cutting edge energy technologies and promise a very bright future. This course teaches technical development background, essential theory, principles and the future of solar thermal systems.
  • Electrical Power Technology  
    This training program responds to the immediate need of FPL to replace retiring workers, update skills of the existing workforce, create a career ladder for incumbent workers, open additional opportunities for professional development and advancement within the company, and create a brand new pipeline of workers to meet the growing needs of the company.
    • Power Plant Technology Program   
      Gain the skills to maintain and operate power plant systems, including the sophisticated technical equipment used in the operation of today's power plants.
  • Graphic Design Technology  
    Graphic Design Technology prepares students for employment as commercial artists, computer graphic designers, and entry-level multimedia graphics artist. It requires knowledge of art, communication, and computer skills to be applied with design techniques and knowledge.
  • Interior Design Technology  
    This program prepares Trainees for careers as interior designers, training them to identify, research, and create unique and functional designs for interior spaces, including homes, offices, commercial, or retail space.


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