IT management function is quite different from the development or support of IT solutions. The general management skills are useful to the IT manager, but the results from this course prove that the management course is designed specifically for IT professionals is priceless.

The course of excellence in IT management is first and foremost a practical and interactive course, combining a trainer experience that has trained more than 2,000 participants previously, and has identified the most valuable lessons on the road to delivering exceptional IT management and business results. The course offers a combination of carefully designed models and guidelines that offer an enjoyable and effective role play as well as case studies and team exercises.

This course includes five main modules: project excellence, technology communication, operations management, crisis management and business acumen. These are the five management skills that have been consistently identified enabling business outcomes and career success for all IT managers.



The course aims to excellence IT management IT managers and team leaders who are looking to develop their careers in management and leadership. The following titles include IT Manager, IT Team Leader, Project Manager, Systems Engineer and Head of IT.


Objectives of the session

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Develop an effective IT strategy

Increased project delivery rates and portfolio management of projects

Improve operational efficiency using different operational models

Leadership in crisis crisis resource schemes

Create effective resource plans

Set clear objectives for IT contracts

Effective negotiation of technical conventions

Target groups

Target competencies

Business and IT strategy

Project and portfolio management

Communication skills and presentations

Operational excellence of information technology

Crisis planning and management



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